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From the files of Molly Weasley

an hp fandom domestic community

The Harry Potter Fandom Domestic Community
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Welcome to Molly's Cauldron

  Molly’s Cauldron is an all purpose domestic community geared towards members of the LiveJournal Harry Potter fandom.
  Along with themed daily recipes, you will find advice for novice cooks, budget helpers, and other various tips and tricks.
  Each month, one week each will be devoted to Natural and Home Remedies, Arts & Crafts, and Harry Potter specific recipes.

   All members are welcome to post at any time, it is not required that you stick to the daily themes. Members are encouraged to share pictures and stories from their experiences.

  Monday mornings a post will be made specifically for requests. All users that are searching for a specific recipe or other domestic related material will need to comment to that post only with their request. On Friday evening another post will be made listing each of the requests that have been made during the week. Anyone that can fill the posts will then post directly to the community during the weekend.
  Any requests not following this format will be deleted. If you have an emergency request, please state in your comment, and one of the Mods will try to get to you ASAP.

  Please be courteous to the other members of the community. Keep language and behavior respectable at all times.
  No off topic posts, spam, or community promotion will be allowed. Any posts not following this rule will be deleted.
  When posting any pictures please remember to use an lj-cut tag.
  When posting long recipes, craft instructions, or anything that would take up a lot of space on someones friends page, please use an lj-cut tag as well.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints should be e-mailed to: m_cmods@painted-passion.org.

Thank You,
The Mods
hecatesknickers - Heather
euterpeslullaby - Julianne
geology_rocks - Darcy
lemontart - Ali